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VE Runabout

xxx Brand: VE

Product Code: VE Runabout

  • Specification

  • Output voltage swing 3V RMS
  • 32Ω @ 150mW / 300Ω @ 55mW
  • Low Gain=3.4X, High Gain=5.7X
  • TI TLE2426, BUF634, JRC 4556AD
  • VISHAY wafer chip resistors and MBB0207 series resistance
  • BC Low ESR high current filter capacitor, opa pins SMD AVX tantalum decoupling
  • Handpicked BI potentiometer
  • Taiwan SH gold seal power switch, (life span=100k times)  (SPL amp also use the switches from SH)
  • Japanese OTAX small sealed switch for gain adjustment
  • TYCO fully shielded headphone jack
  • KEYSTONE 590 battery shrapnel
  • All RC components are hand-picked +SMIC soldering.
VE Runabout
SpecificationOutput voltage swing 3V RMS32Ω @ 150mW / 300Ω @ 55mWLow Gain=3.4X, High Gain=5.7XTI TLE2426, BUF634, JRC 4556ADVISHAY wafer chip resistors and MBB0207 series resistanceBC L..
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