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xxx Brand: ONKYO

Product Code: ONKYO - DP-CMX1


Onkyo has been making high end, high resolution portable digital audio players for quite some time now. Their Onkyo DP-X1 was one of their popular portable audio players. Modern digital audio players nowadays usually run on a modified Android operating system as it gives it flexibility and multi-function as well. We have seen DAP manufacturers innovate their DAPs from analog, Linux based user interface, to a modern and smartphone-like DAPs. Since most high end and modern day DAPs use Android operating system, why not go all the way and add a smartphone function as well? This is where the Onkyo Granbeat DP-CMX1 comes it. It’s the company’s latest portable audio solution where they combined a digital audio player and a smartphone into one device.

Onkyo Granbeat DP-CMX1 Smartphone DAP Features

First let’s talk about the DAP side or the audio features of the Onkyo Granbeat. It features a twin DAC full balanced circuit, just like the previous Onkyo DAPs, and its audio section is powered by two ESS ES9018C2M chips for its DAC section and two Sabre 9601K chips for its Amp section. It supports both PCM 24bit / 384kHz and DSD 11.2 MHz audio formats; including the usual FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, MQA and etc. audio files.

On the smartphone side and the general features of the Granbeat; it sports a huge 5-inch full-HD IPS LCD with Gorilla Glass 3. It runs on a modified Android 6.0 operating system and the unit itself is powered by a Qualcomm MSM8956 Hexa-Core SoC. It’s powered by a 3,000 mAh battery that features a 90-minute quick charging time. The battery is rated to last up to 25 hours of music playback or up to 22 hours of continuous calls. Of course, expect that battery life in real-world may be lower.

The Onkyo Granbeat DP-CMX1 has a built-in internal storage of 128GB and can be expanded via a microSD card, up to 256GB. It also has a dual nano SIM slot with dual SIM dual stand-by and supports 4G LTE, and 3G data. For those who are worried that the smartphone section might interfere with the audio section, the PCB or circuit board of the audio section is actually separated from the smartphone section. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection as well.

What is a smartphone without a camera? The Onkyo Granbeat features a 16 megapixels rear facing camera that can shoot HDR and 4K movies. The camera features an ExmorRS sensor and a lens with an aperture of f/2.0. There’s also an 8 megapixels front facing camera for taking selfies. You can check out the rest of its specifications from the table below.

Onkyo Granbeat Specifications

Audio Player
DAC & HP AmplifierESS Technology Inc. SABRE DAC "ES 9018 C 2 M" x 2 & SABRE "9601 K" x 2
Music playable fileDSD / DSF / DSD-IFF / MQA / FLAC / ALAC / WAV / AIFF / Ogg-Vorbis / MP3 / AAC
FS and bit number11.2 MHz / 5.6 MHz / 2.8 MHz / 1 bit
44.1 k / 48 k / 88.2 k / 96 k / 176.4 k / 192 k / 352.8 k / 384 k
16 bit / 24 bit (* 32 bit float / integer is down-converted to 24 bit and played back)
Corresponding playlist dataM3U / PLS / WPL
Video playable fileH.263 / H.264 AVC / H.265 HEVC / MPEG-4 SP / VP 8 / VP 9
Image reproducible fileJPEG / GIF / PNG / BMP / WebP
Input / output terminal2.5 mm 4 pole balanced headphone output
(BTL / ACG switching, Line out mode supported, Jack insertion detection ON / OFF possible) (* Assign: R- / R + / L + L- from the terminal tip)
3.5 mm 4 pole unbalanced headphone output
(Compatible with earphone with microphone function (CTIA standard compliant), corresponding to Line out mode, jack insertion detection ON / OFF possible)
Micro USB / OTG output (* Charge / data transfer input terminal shared)
Practical maximum output (JEITA)75 mW + 75 mW (Unbalanced)
150 mW + 150 mW (Balanced)
Total harmonic distortion ratio0.01% or less
S / N ratio115 dB or more
Playback frequency band20 Hz to 80 kHz
ImpedanceUnbalanced: 16 to 300 Ω / Balanced: 32 to 600 Ω
GainHigh / Normal / Low 1 / Low 2
Sound customization functionPrecision EQ, upsampling, real time DSD conversion, lock range adjustment, digital filter, featured EQ
Volume61 steps (including * 0 position)
L / R balance adjustmentYes
Main unit operationRotary volume knob, play, skip, return, HOLD * HOLD key will invalidate all screens, key operations, and reception operations.
Battery3,000 mAh / 3.8 V (corresponding to Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0)
Duration of callContinuous talk time: 22 h * Condition: Estimated at single SIM, LCD off operation
Standby timeStandby time: 480 h * Condition: 4 G / 3 G, single SIM, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth off, guideline at LCD off operation
<4G / 3G line is an estimated time measured with a stable test wave. Actual operation time varies depending on usage conditions. >
Playback timePlaying time: 25 h (96 kHz / 24 bit, FLAC, Unbalanced playback, with Sim in standby)
Size (H x W x D mm)142.3 x 72 x 11.9
Mass (g)234 g
Supported languageJapanese / English / German / French / Spanish / Italian / Portuguese / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese
AccessoriesMicro USB cable (1.0 m / data transfer, used for charging), AC power conversion adapter, card slot eject pin, quick start guide screen protection sheet (* installed at factory shipment)
Onkyo has been making high end, high resolution portable digital audio players for quite some time now. Their Onkyo DP-X1 was one of their popular portable audio players. Modern digital audio pla..


xxx Brand: ONKYO

Product Code: ONKYO - DP-X1


  • Dual SABRE DACs & Amps
  • Standard Balanced and Active Control Ground (ACG) Modes
  • 2.5mm 4-Pole (for balanced output) and 3.5mm 3-Pole Output
  • Physical Buttons for Quick Music Control - No Need to Turn On Screen
  • Support for up to 432GB of Storage
  • Support for MQA
  • Based on Android OS with Access to Google Play
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth®

  • Dual DACs and AMPs for Stunning Control & Power

    The DP-X1 has two amps and two digital/analog convertors which allow for extreme power and signal control. The double ESS Sabre ES9018K2M DACs and double ESS Sabre 9601K amps make balanced output possible via 2.5 mm output. The DP-X1 is the only player with such an advanced configuration, and the result is unprecedented power and control. 

    The DP-X1 also has two types of balanced drives: ACG and BTL, for greater stability and clean, crystal clear sound.

    Balanced Drive Options

    Balanced 2.5mm 4-pole output supports the more standard Balanced (BTL) drive as well as the more esoteric ACG (Active Control GND) drive.

    ACG drive gives greater stability: increased S/N ratio; greater spatial dimensionality, and clean sound; greater deliniation for lower frequencies in hi-res audio, and overall robust and taut sound. BTL drive supplies increased power.

    Power gains and increased sound separation associated with balanced output are repurposed to create increased stability for a clean signal and greater sound clarity, especially compared to unbalanced drive.

    Hi-Res Heaven!

    The DP-X1 was designed to support many audio formats. Maxing out at 11.2MHz DSD support, the DP-X1 also supports up to 384kHz/24-bit audio, with support for WAV, FLAC, ALAC, & AIFF.

    With its 2.5mm 4-pole balanced output, 3.5mm 3-pole headphone jack, micro USB-B/OTG digital output, and wireless playback options, the DP-X1 offers plenty of ways to enjoy music.

    In addition to streaming over Wi-Fi, aptX also makes high quality audio possible over Bluetooth.

    Amazing Innovative Sound

    MQA is not typical hi-res, a high bit rate or high sample rate audio. It is a completely new and different way of capturing, delivering and reproducing audio performances, and it preserves the magic of the original studio recording in a format that is still small enough to stream.

    (Support for MQA format comes mid-2016 via a free update.)

    DSD Conversion

    Turn on "Real-Time DSD Conversion" and the DP-X1 converts music files such as MP3, WAV, and FLAC into DSD-quality audio. Use of oversampling and pushing bit quantization outside the audible spectrum allows for very clear signals. Everything sounds great!

    Massive Storage Capacity

    With 32GB of internal storage and dual micro-SDXC card slots, storage can be expanded to 432GB. With up to 16 hours of playback, you can carry an expansive library of hi-res audio and listen for extended periods of time.

    (16 hour playback based on 96kHz/24-bit unbalanced output.)

    Direct Access to Hi-Res Downloads and Streaming

    OnkyoMusic is a music download service for hi-res audio files. Install the OnkyoMusic app and there is no need to sync with a home computer. Music can be purchased and dowloaded directly from the app within the player.

    High Precision EQ

    With up to 16,384 discrete bands to select from and the ability to save up to 1,000 EQ profiles, the linear-phase finite impulse response (FIR) equalizer offers high definition equalization with zero loss in audio quality.

    Easy to Use Android Interface

    The DP-X1 has a super flexible and intuitive Android platform, and with its fast quad core, it can support heavy processing and many high function apps. The capacitive touch display allows for intuitive use of flicks, taps and scrolling gestures. All icons and physical buttons are positioned for easy operation. 

    You have access to many apps like Tidal, Spotify, Pandora for almost endless music streaming and downloading resources.

    Google Play Store

    ONKYO - DP-X1
    Dual SABRE DACs & AmpsStandard Balanced and Active Control Ground (ACG) Modes2.5mm 4-Pole (for balanced output) and 3.5mm 3-Pole OutputPhysical Buttons for Quick Music Control - No Need to Tu..

    ONKYO - DP-X1A

    xxx Brand: ONKYO

    Product Code: ONKYO - DP-X1A


    ■In addition to DAC and amplifier of the best class, it is equipped with the Android OS. High res high end model in correspondence with the balance output
    ■It is equipped with by DAC of highest level and amplifier two and adopts audio system grade parts. Tuning for exclusive use of X1A
    ■It carries DAC "ES9018K2M" and amplifier "S A B R E 9601K" made in ESS company by two engines each and realizes super high definition reproduction
    ■It supports latest "MQA"
    ■MQA Limited supports reproduction of "MQA" which became origin of development. We can do MQA in file of small capacity while reproducing high-quality sound same as studio master so as to be able to perform streaming and download easily and are innovative technique that balanced high-quality sound and convenience.
    ■Two balance drive that we can select depending on preference
    ■2.5 We support the balance output by mm 4 extreme child and are selectable by general "BTL drive" and ONKYO's original "ACG (active control GND) drive". "ACG drive" is active and, by special method of balance drive, drives GND using ability for amplification of COLD side amplifier, and it specializes in keeping ideal GND which there is not of fluctuation.
    ■High Precision EQ-HD/Featured EQ
    ■We are equipped with graphic equalizer of up to 16,384 bands, and preservation and reading of up to 1,000 equalizing curves are possible. We can easily perform the most suitable sound setting to characteristic of Headphones made by / ONKYO.

    The specifications details

    ■The deployment OS: Android OS 5.1
    ■Deployment APU: Qualcomm APQ8074 (2.2Ghz Krait Quad-Core 400, Adreno 330 GPU 450Mhz)
    ■VDT: 4.7 inches of touch screens (1280 * 1720)
    ■Built-in storage: We include 64GB *Android system area
    ■Expansion slot: micro SD x 2 (SDXC correspondence)
    ■DAC & HP Amplifier: ESS technology company SABRE DAC "ES9018K2M" x2 & SABRE "9601K" x2
    ■Wi-Fi function: 802.11b/ g/ n or 802.11ac (Wi-Fi direct / WPS)
    ■Bluetooth® function: Profile: A2DP/ AVRCP/ HSP/ OPP/ HID/ PAN, Codec: SBC/apt-X Low Latency (Transmit only)
    ■File available for music regeneration: File available for music regeneration
    ■FS and the number of bit: 11.2MHz/ 5.6MHz/ 2.8MHz / 1 bit, 44.1k/ 48k/ 88.2k/ 96k/ 176.4k/ 192k/ 352.8k/ 384k, 16bit/ 24bit (*32bit integer/floater down-converts in 24bit and reproduces)
    ■Correspondence playlist data: M3U/ PLS/ WPL
    ■File available for video regeneration: H.263/ H. 264 AVC/ H. 265 HEVC/ MPEG-4 SP/ VP8/ VP9
    ■File available for image regeneration: JPEG/ GIF/ PNG/ BMP/ WebP
    ■Practical use maximum output: 75 mW +75 mW(Unbalance / JEITA), 150 mW +150 mW (Balanced / JEITA)
    ■Total harmonic distortion: Less than 0.006%
    ■Signal-to-noise ratio: More than 115 dB
    ■Reproduction frequency band: 20Hz - 80,000Hz
    ■Impedance: 16-300 Ω (Unbalance) / 32-600 Ω (Balanced)
    ■Input-output terminal: 2.5mm 4 pole balance Headphones output (Line out mode correspondence) (※ assignment: from the terminal tip R-/R+ /L+ L-), the 3.5mm tripolar Headphones output (Line out mode correspondence), the Micro USB /OTG output (* charge, data transmission input terminal combined use)
    ■Gain: Low2 / Low1 / Normal / High
    ■Battery: 1630 mAh / 3.8V
    ■Reproduction time: 16h (at the time of FLAC 96kHz/24bit, unbalanced reproduction)
    ■Correspondence language: Japanese / English / German / French / Spanish / Italian / hantaichukokugo / kantaichukokugo
    ■Accessories: Micro USB cable (1.0m / data transmission, charge use)

    ONKYO - DP-X1A
    ■In addition to DAC and amplifier of the best class, it is equipped with the Android OS. High res high end model in correspondence with the balance output■It is equipped with by DAC of highest le..
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