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OSTRY Earphone Turning

xxx แบรนด์: OSTRY

รหัสสินค้า: OSTRY Earphone Turning


Tuning extreme, unlimited sense of hearing
Ostry tuning plugs, dual filters, protective earplugs not sum game.

OS100: LF less, dental correction Medium
OS200: low volume foot, dental correction stronger
OS300: low-frequency volume, tone correction strong teeth

1 is relatively common silicone plugs, OSTRY tuning plugs series can weaken the tooth varying degrees of tone, reduce high frequency spikes, eliminate harsh and so is not the sense of hearing.

2 low-frequency trends in the overall frequency response curve, OSTRY plug can effectively uplift the low-frequency tuning than the column, enhance sense of atmosphere, and enhance patient degrees.

3 In OSTRY tuning plug series, weaken the tooth and uplift low-frequency sound, followed OS300> OS200> OS100

PS weaken the ability of the stronger dental tuning plugs, transparent sense it worse. Both can not have both. So transparent sense OS100> OS200> OS300

Buy guidance:
1. OSTRY series mixer plug is suitable for catheter diameter 4mm-6mm in-ear earphones, can be adapted to market the vast majority of headphones.

2. OS300 for dental weakening the strongest, colleagues against the low-frequency maximum uplift. However, due to weaken too, resulting in the loss of more serious sense of permeability.

3. OS100 blue inner core, OS200 red inner core, OS300 black inner core. Within the pack are L / M / S three kinds

OSTRY Earphone Turning
DescriptionTuning extreme, unlimited sense of hearingOstry tuning plugs, dual filters, protective earplugs not sum game.OS100: LF less, dental correction MediumOS200: low volume foot, dental corr..
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